Sunday, January 16, 2011

Self Inflicted Cabin Fever

I didn't venture out today. I decided one day without wearing my boots was a good thing. Increasing my odds of my vehicle not sliding into or being slid into by another vehicle was a very good thing. I should have taken full advantage of all the indoors had to offer me. I could have worked on all those little projects that escape my time restraints during the week. Instead, I felt trapped and deprived. My work week is so rushed. So frantic. Now it seems I've forgotten how to slow it down. I tried, but I literally fell asleep. It was as if I wasn't going at a frantic speed racing to the next task, then my brain told my body, "it must be time to sleep".
When I awoke I regretted wasting those valuable hours. Weekends are so fleeting anyway and now I've gone and wasted it. I actually had a list of things to accomplish this weekend and now that list remains...
Do I at least feel refreshed? NO. I feel behind in all I wanted to accomplish.
The weather is predicted to be worse tomorrow. Slower driving in tomorrow morning on bad roads. Hurry up so we're not late. We need to drive slowly. Rush around. Frantic will return with a vengeance. At least my boots will be dry.

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